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  • Australia's First Pest Management Academy

    alateA new innovation in training for the urban pest management industry in South Australia is being rapidly developed.

    TAFE SA and PestLearn in conjunction, are providing the UPM training for pest managers online and now in the field.

    The Adelaide based TAFE SA Urrbrae Campus (505 Fullarton Rd, Netherby SA 5062) has been transformed into pest management academy, with the installation of pest management programs throughout the campus.

    Developer, Mark Wagner comments that not only do students have access to the world-class learning management, they now can attend workshops and assessment days. Now students not only have interactive e-learning for the theory component but the added advantage of experiencing pest management on campus. The academy has developed programs which provide experience in all facets of pest management. Mark went on to explain programs had been installed in specific locations, for example, the campuses agricultural dairy, piggery, the farm, poultry farm, the nursery, the stables, and the landscaping building. The music, art, home economics, farm building and the cafeteria are now timber pest and commercial pest management assessment and workshop sites.

    Mark did thank sponsors Bayer, Garrards and Greens Environmental Pest Services for their sponsorship and supported. There are still lots of rooms for other interested parties to help to contribute to this exciting project.

    • The Garrards nursery and farm

      Garrards services the urban pest management with integrity and has provided new academy with ongoing support and sponsorship. Garrards have store locations throughout Australia.

      PestLearn and TAFE SA would like to thank  Garrard's for their contribution and have named the pest management programs.

      • The Garrards Farm IPM Program
      • The Garrards Landscaping and Nursery IPM Program

      • Greens Pest Services termite monitoring programs


        TAFE SA and PestLearn would like thank GPS for the contribution of sponsorship and support.

        The GPS termite monitoring system has been installed throughout the pest management academy.

        • Looking for sponsorship

          The piggery (rodents and flies)

          • Looking for sponsorship

            The cattle yards

            • Looking for sponsorship

              The poultry sheds

              • Looking for sponsorship

                The music room termite management system

                • Looking for sponsorship

                  The art room termite management system

                  • Looking for sponsorship

                    The farm building termite management system

                    • Looking for sponsorship

                      Physical termite management system

                      The concept is to construct an area where students can practice installation of sheeting and collars.

                      The donation of timber, collars and sheeting is required.

                      • Looking for sponsorship

                        The Canteen - GMP pest management  program

                        • Looking for sponsorship

                          The home economics centre - GMP pest management  program