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  • In the field practical assessments

    aaaPractical Assessment General Instructions

    Once a student has completed the required unit(s) on-line theory , it is time to start planning the in the field practical assessment.

    Firstly a student will contact their trainer and request the on-line theory component be marked and review. a feedback summary will be emailed to the student to ensure the theory component is complete and compliant.

    If the student or manager/supervisor requires further information on the practical assessment to ensure they are comfortable with the assessment, they should feel welcome to contact Mark Wagner by phone.

  • Pre assessment instructions

    In the field assessments practical assessments

    In the field practical assessments are completed by zoom or face to face - usually in SA. (If travel is required some extra costs may be incurred.)

    If zoom assessment are organised the student must have

    • have an internet device camera and a cameraman
    • must check there is internet connectivity at both sites
    Preparation for practical assessment

    To be prepare for the in the field assessments a technician is required to

    • Most assessment criteria requires two sites for a practical assessment. These site need to be carefully selected and need to be in consultation with your supervisor/manager)
    • A student can arrange at assessment at PestLearn headquarters - 18 Portrush Road PAYNEHAM SA (mainly for SA students)
    1.Service vehicle

    Have a fully equipped compliant service vehicle ready for the assessment

    PPE - make sure you have PVC rubber boots, elbow length PVC gloves, Cotton or disposable overalls, eye protection, respirator, etc

    2.Designing the pest management program

    Before the assessment is confirmed the trainee technician needs to visit/inspect and measure  the two selected  sites detailing on a site plans a pest management plan(s) 

    Once completed the risk assessment and the site plans are to be sent to Mark Wagner to email address

    What needs to be completed

    • a written risk assessment - hazards to be identified on a site map
    • identification of where pest activity are located on your site plan (you need to identify 8 general pests (include rats, mice, black ants, spiders, cockroaches, flies, crickets, millipedes, earwigs ore any other occasional invaders
    • identification on the site plan all cultural and physical IPM procedures required
    • for example unit 5 - identify location and number of trapping devices, UV lights and how you would treat the pests without pesticides (e.g vacuuming, stream, heat, freeze, brooming)
    • for example unit 6 - location and numbering of rodent stations, where you would apply surface sprays, insecticidal gels, dusts, granules
    Requirements and criteria of assessments vary depending on the unit being assessed.
     3. Third party reports

    Third party reports will be emailed to your manager/supervisor. The reports must be completed by your supervisor/manager and returned to before the assessment date.

    Make sure the third party reports are returned as word documents as they need to be verified by the assessor.
    4. Certificates of treatment

    Certificates of treatment or service reports from the assessments must be completed by the trainee technician and emailed to

  • Unit 5 and 6

  • The PestLearn Process


    Inquiry - Please feel welcome to call Mark Wagner on his mobile 0488177099 or email to

    If you would like to enrol a pest management student please confirm in an email the student's name, email address and mobile phone number

    The student  

    is sent an electronic Time Education and Training enrolment form.

    completes the enrolment form and returns the form by email.

    student into PestLearn and cohort(s)

    Enrol student into Pipedrive

    Add student’s details to Mailchimp

    - Create student PC folder

    • Send student access email, CC manager including time enrolment (electronic)
    • Phone student if required:

    Send Time RTO - student’s enrolment form


    Send student - videos on how to help:

    Weekly communication via email

    Mark and finalise on-line theory:

    Send student feedback

    Send student manager - third party reports

    Receive 3rd party reports back from manager

    Organise Assessment (in the field)


    At office

    Zoom assessment

    If zoom create zoom invitation and send to student and manager

    • Schedule in mayfly for MW
    • Collate all student information into folders e.g. images, reports, pest control jobs, assessment photos, third party reports ect.

    Complete assessment docs and send to Time.