Certificate III in Urban Pest Management

Urban Pest Management is delivered by Pest Learn under a Third-Party Agreement with Time Education & Training, RTO ID : 40058

Control Non Timber Pests

Units 5 and 6

CPPCMN3004 - Respond to inquiries and complaints (Core)

CPPUPM3005 - Manage Pests without applying pesticides (Australia Wide, On Line) (Core)

CPPUPM3006 - Manage Pests by applying pesticides (Australia Wide, On Line) (Core)

Unit 18

CPPUPM3017- Maintain, service and repair pest management equipment (Core)

CPPUPM3018 - Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles (Australia Wide, On Line) (Core)

Unit CPM (Complex Pest Management)

CPPUPM4003 - Assess and advise on pest management options for sensitive (Elective)

CPPUPM4004 - Assess and advise on pest management options for complex operations (Elective)

CPPUPM4005 - Implement and monitor pest management plans for sensitive operations (Elective)

CPPUPM4006 - Implement and monitor pest management plans for complex operations (Elective)

Control Timber Pests

Units 8, 10 and 42

CPPUPM3008 - Inspect for and report on timber pests (Elective)

CPPUPM3010 - Control timber pests (Elective)

CPPUPM3042 - Install termite management systems (Elective)


Unit 11

CPPUPM3011 - Manage organisms by applying fumigants to commodities and environments (Elective)

Course length minimum of 18 months
Cost - $6,600

Payable in instalments as follows

$1,500 at time of enrolment

$1,500 upon access to Core units

$1,500 upon access to Elective units

$1,500 upon Assessment

$600 upon completion of course

Withdrawing from study

If you don’t want to continue studying after we have processed your enrolment form and you have accessed the learning material online at pestlearn.net, then there will be a $250 withdrawal fee. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this, as we will try to encourage you to complete your study rather than pull out.

From the TIME RTO student handbook (click here to read .pdf)

CANCELLATION AND EXPIRY POLICY In the event that you decide to withdraw from your program or have passed the program schedule end date without finalising all requirements for completion, you may request a refund of fees paid in advance. A request for refund must be in writing by way of email, facsimile or letter explaining the reason for requesting a refund. As a general policy where a student cancels 14 days prior to program commencement a full refund will be provided. Where a cancellation within 14 days of program commencement is received an administrative fee of $250 will be charged to cover resources, printing and administrative costs. The balance of fees paid will be refunded. Where a student requests a refund after program commencement, the amount of refund will be calculated against units attended with program unit(s) attended together with an administrative fee of $250. The balance of fees paid will be refunded. When a refund request is received on or after the enrolment expiry date no refund will apply and any outstanding enrolment fee will be due and payable. Please refer to the Enrolment Period section of this handbook for additional information.

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