Rentokil Label SDS

An H5P activity showing how to read a Rentokil Label

A screenshot of the Rentokil Label SDS

Fumaphos Blanket SDS


Spray Seed Label Reader

An H5P activity showing how to read a Spray Seed Label

Screenshot of the SpraySeed activity

Bed Bug animation

A quick overview of where to look for bed bugs in a hotel room.

Fire Animation

A fun video on dealing with different types of fires, 

Class A Paper Fire

Class E Electrical Fire 

Large Class A Paper Fire

Class B Flammable / Combustible Liquid Fire (Alcohol etc) 

Risk Matrix

A video demonstrating the use of the risk matrix.

Hand Hygene

A quick video about how to properly wash your hands.

Hierarchy of Controls Shark Activity

An activity showcasing the Hierarchy of Controls.

A picture of the Shark Hierarchy of Controls activity

Safe Chemical Storage Activity

An activity to show how to store chemicals safely.

A picture of the Safe Chemical Storage activity

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